TrìGuthan – Three voices; the most ancient of instruments. 
Michelle Benjamin; a colourful, powerful voice steeped in the Jazz Tradition,
she brings that depth into the Celtic Oral Tradition.
Don Grieve; a dynamic, rich vocalist drawing from the Oral Tradition of his native Scotland,
with rhythm guitar underlay.
Angela Preiss; complementing, harmonic voice and instrumentalist, bringing flutes,
fiddle and harp into the elements of three.

Happy Saint Andrews Day to One and All ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

TriGuthan is pleased to announce that we are performing on the 5th of January on Fiddlers Green, Port Fairy. We would love to see you all there, concert starts at 2pm. ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

TriGuthan are performing in Port Fairy on the 5th of January at 2pm at Fiddlers Green ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago


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Michelle Benjamin see you at 2pm. We can't wait to hear you!!!!! xx 🤗🤗😘

Next song off the block is 'Rantin Rovin Robin'.The bard (Robert Burns) wrote this song about himself. Pretty forward thinking eh! Michelle took to it and it has become a TriGuthan standard. Michelle's voice does the song proud! You have to like the man's self depreciating humour and humility. We are all indeed 'proud of Robin' ... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago

"TriGuthan Are We"

When the worlds were created tis said was by Three
And the number has echoed across history
Our stories are many they carry a thread
Our journeys away but to you they have led.

O what if the stories and fables were true?
What if the things that the people did, do?
Then the world's more alive than we ever thought so.
More magical, mystical than we could know.

Then evil is real, true love can transform.
Forgiveness can heal regret's bloody thorn.
And our lives can be just as heroic as theirs
And the things that we say and we do are our heirs.

For the heart of a bard and the thrill of the chase.
And the willing to love and the seeking of place.
From faraway lands O the power of three
Has brought us together TriGuthan are we.

Words & Music c2018 Michelle Benjamin
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5 months ago


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Fabulous words Michelle ♥️

Remember press the share too. Thanks

Love ❤️ the words. Xx

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Musician, Singer, Song Writer, Entertainer, Bard, Flute Player, Coffee Lover, Blethering Scot & Kilt-less Wanderer! Playing Oot ‘n Aboot…

You can buy tracks here:  Click here to listen & purchase.
On FACEBOOK find Don via the DON GRIEVE MUSIC page.

Performances include flute, guitar, pennywhistle & bodhran. From haunting ballads to wild, heel tapping jigs and cheeky roguish songs! Vivid histories are brought to life invoking an atmosphere of magic, humour, romance & intrigue. When performing with Angela you may well see a wooden flute duel! Their next recording together will feature just that, great tunes in “stereo” like never before!!!

From Where?
Born in Scotland this “Gypsy Of The Celts” has taken his arrangements of traditional songs and stories to over 40 countries. Don also has a diverse collection of contemporary songs. His energy on stage, knowledge of history and impressive vocals make him a truly exciting entertainer.

What Is In A Name?
In Scottish history Don´s last name reflects a position of law (as in the title for a sheriff), it can also signify management of land… the factor of an estate would have been called “the grieve”. The name Donald means “worldly”… to this he adds a love of history and travel… perhaps inherited from his grandmother – a gypsy princess from the Halls of Yetholme! Let the songs be sung & the stories be told!

Don has 8 MP3 albums available online, select from over 100 tracks.
Press play to hear a preview of songs via the online store.  Here’s a quick guide to the mix:

“Ballads: Songs from Scotland & Ireland”
Don´s rich vocals, guitar picking & love of traditional celtic music brought to ballads. This selection of celtic favourites includes “Auld Lang Syne”, “The Rose of Allendale”, “Sally Gardens” & “The Star of the County Down”. Delightful whistle harmonies augment elegant melodies, unique arrangements, velvety vocals & folk guitar style.

“Song For You”
Original songs, with an easy groove, full band sound sort of folk/jazz. Paris Blues a favourite! There’s some amazing blues harp on “Goin’ Home” played by Ben Naughton. “Across The Waves” & “Dingle Bay” feature lyrics  provided by Dave Wheeler. If you love ballads try the title track “Song For You”!

“A Tribute To Robert Burns”
Don performs a selection of works from Robert Burns repertoire of poetry & music, with a few original tunes on the side!  “Road to Alloway”, “Drystane Dyker”, “Three Brethren” & “Trippin’ O’er Her Shoe” are original tunes written by Don. “Wullie Wastle” is one of Burn’s funny poems – perfect for the pub! The “Bard’s Epitaph” Rabbie wrote for himself.

“The Flute Player” 
Instrumental arrangements for 2 flutes & guitar, with Angela Preiss. “Raggle Taggle” is a good one for flute players – arranged in a theme & variation style. You can email  Don, bard[at]gypsyofthecelts[dot]com,  for arrangements that work well with small folk ensembles… make your own celtic orchestra! “Three Brethren” & “Falling” are original tunes by Angela & Don, the rest are celtic traditional.

“A Drop O’ The Best” 
The Happy Haggis makes its first appearance here! Once again several works referencing Scotland’s Poet Laureate: Robert Burns. “The Riding Stane” lyrics provided by Kenny Clark Jnr. Original tunes by Don Grieve include “Happy Haggis”, “Whiskeycastle”, “Single Malt” & “The Drystane Dyker” (in remembrance of Billy McDougal a border dyker).

“Flint – Flute & Guitar Duo In Concert”
Flute players check out “Dance of Dedanaan” (written by Angela Preiss) which features flute & bodhran. “Three Brethren” (Preiss/Grieve) is a slow air for flute & guitar. On this album you will also find “My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose” one of Robbie Burns most popular love songs. Track 11 is a tongue-in-cheek blues version of “The Wild Rover” – if Elvis were Irish! “Across the Waves” & “Dingle Bay” lyrics provided by Dave Wheeler. The album showcases Don & Angela with vocal, flute, guitar & bodhran.

“Gypsy O’ The Celts”
Heart’s Wish is an original that features words from James Joyce, Robert Burns, a Scottish Proverb & the Irish Blessing…  all in one beautiful song! “The Drinking Song” & “It Hurts” use lyrics provided by Ted Rooney. “Golden Hair” & “What About Now” uses lyrics from the poetry of James Joyce. Traditional songs given a Gypsy of the Celts twist, shaken not stirred!!!

“A Bard’s Life”
These songs go back to traditional roots – Don grew up in the Scottish Borders singing in local ballad competitions & learning songs that tell vividly of events and characters from Scotland’s rich history and heritage. “The Work Of The Weavers” reflects one of the main industries of Selkirk craft. “Hush Hush” is a poignant song telling of the highland clearances. “Stranger in Town” is an original song.